A journey back to our roots and an introduction to our present

ABOUT Fortina Investments

Year 1948

In 1948, Maurice Zammit Tabona and his brother Walter embarked on the realisation of their dream—a journey into the world of hospitality. Defying conventions of the time when Malta’s tourism industry was still in its infancy, the duo unveiled the groundbreaking 40-bedroom Tigne Court Hotel—a venture that not only defied conventions but emerged as a resounding success. Buoyed by this triumph, the brothers soon revealed their second dream, the Hotel Fortina, in 1966.

Over the ensuing 71 years, the reins of this illustrious legacy transitioned into the capable hands of Maurice’s children—Michael, Adrian, and Julian. Fuelled by the same entrepreneurial spirit inherited from their father, they not only sustained but expanded the business, venturing into new arenas. In 1974, the acquisition of two small passenger vessels marked the inception of Captain Morgan Cruises—a venture that swiftly became synonymous with the maritime tourism experiences.

By 1987, Captain Morgan Cruises had transformed into a household name, catering to an impressive 148,000 passengers. Today, a fleet of 6 vessels offering a diverse range of captivating sea tours, Captain Morgan Cruises stands as the market leader of cruise tourism in Malta. Its unwavering commitment to customer-oriented service has forged an unparalleled reputation, ensuring that the spirit of innovation and dedication set forth by the Zammit Tabona family endures as the guiding force behind this distinguished enterprise.

Tigne Court Hotel

Concurrently, the hotel business experienced unprecedented growth, advancing by leaps and bounds.

The company consistently demonstrated a keen acumen for identifying strategic investment opportunities, positioning itself as a leader in an industry characterised by its ruthlessness and unforgiving landscape. This astute approach not only allowed the company to stay ahead of the competition but propelled it to new heights.

In a pivotal move that elevated the business to the next echelon, Hotel Fortina underwent substantial expansion. This strategic evolution led to the establishment of the esteemed Hotel Fortina 4-star and Fortina Spa Resort 5-star categories, marking a significant milestone in the company’s journey. These developments included groundbreaking therapeutic spas integrated into bedrooms, as well as the extension of the existing hotel building into an impressive 17 storey tower, further solidifying the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the hospitality sector.

Embarking on the precipice of its eighth decade, Fortina Investments Limited, steeped in a rich family tradition, is poised to once again chart pioneering paths in the hospitality and tourism industry. Armed with a unique and innovative vision, the company is positioned to leave an indelible mark on both its own future and the broader sector.

The Fortina Spa Resort 5*, time and again, has set the standard as the epitome of luxury and indulgence within the industry—an establishment where every guest’s whim is catered to with unwavering commitment. In alignment with Fortina’s storied tradition, a significant redevelopment of the Fortina 5* properties into a luxurious, state-of-the-art 5* hotel, welcoming its first guests in 2023.

The second decade of the new Millennium unfolds.

As the second decade of the new millennium unfolds, under the visionary leadership of brothers Michael, Adrian and Julian, together with CEO Edward Zammit Tabona, Maurice’s grandson, Fortina Investments remains a dynamic and agile group. With a commitment to retaining its nimble advantage, the group continually seeks and embraces new and exciting business opportunities for expansion, both in Malta and beyond.

Edward’s leadership takes centre stage in the ambitious Fortina Redevelopment Project, a significant undertaking aimed at transforming the unparalleled  prime site, graced with the coveted view of the island’s capital, Valletta. This state-of-the-art, mixed-use development spans a built-up area of 60,000 square meters. The project features a 5 star hotel, 64 luxury apartments, a sprawling commercial area across two levels, an office block, parking facilities, a spa, gym, lido, restaurants and public open spaces —a comprehensive and visionary venture poised to redefine the Tigne seafront landscape and contribute to the ongoing evolution of Fortina Investments.