ABOUT Fortina Investments

The Fortina Investments Story

ABOUT Fortina Investments

Year 1948

The year is 1948 and Maurice Zammit Tabona and his brother Walter are about to set their dream in motion; the launching of their very own hospitality business. A groundbreaking enterprise at a time when the tourism industry in Malta was still in its infancy, the 40-bedroom Tigne Court Hotel, was an unprecedented success, prompting the brothers to open their second hotel, Hotel Fortina in 1966.

The 71 years that follow, would see Michael, Adrian and Julian, Maurice’s children take over the business and in keeping with the entrepreneurial spirit of the previous generation, expand the company and divert into new areas, until in 1974, they bought two small passenger vessels to operate the now renowned Captain Morgan Cruises. By 1987, Captain Morgan Cruises had become a household name, catering to a formidable 148,000 passengers. Running a fleet of 11 vessels and offering a range of exciting tours, today, Captain Morgan Cruises remains at the forefront of cruise tours in Malta, with an unmatched reputation for customer-oriented service.

Tigne Court Hotel

Simultaneously, The Hotel Business Was Expanding By Leaps And Bounds

With the company constantly identifying investment opportunities which enabled it to remain ahead of the game, in a ruthless and unforgiving industry landscape. Elevating the business onto the next level, Hotel Fortina grew in such a way as to enable it to enter into the realm of the revered Hotel Fortina 4-star and Fortina Spa Resort 5-star category, offering groundbreaking therapeutic spas in bedrooms, and extending the existing hotel building into an impressive 17-storey tower.

Venturing on the cusp of its eighth decade, Fortina Investments Ltd, with its historic family tradition, is set once again, to make trailblazing forays into the hospitality and tourism industry with its unique and innovative vision, which will ultimately shape the future of both the company and the sector itself.

Time and again the Fortina Spa Resort 5* has established itself as the industry’s epitome of luxury and indulgence; the ideal hotel where the guest’s every whim is catered for without question.

Now, in keeping with the Fortina’s historic tradition as trailblazing frontrunners in the hospitality sector, a major redevelopment of the Fortina 5* properties is being undertaken. The project, which includes a luxurious, state-of-the-art 5* hotel will welcome its first guests in 2020.  Expect the same exquisite Fortina hospitality; except bigger, better, more lavish and more indulgent, but in the meantime… watch this space.

Now It Is The Second Decade Of The New Millennium

Driven by CEO Edward Zammit Tabona, Maurice’s grandson, Fortina Investments remains an agile venture, retaining its nimble advantage, by constantly sourcing new and exciting business opportunities to expand in Malta and beyond.

It is one such opportunity that has seen Edward tasked with leading Fortina’s massive Fortina Redevelopment Project, which aims to transform this prime site, which boasts the coveted view of the island’s capital Valletta — into a state-of-the art, mixed-use development to be completed by January 2021. Covering a built up area of 60,000 square metres, this project will include a 5-star hotel, 60 luxury apartments, a public open space, a sprawling retail space over two levels, an office block, parking facilities, spa, gym, lido and restaurants