The Foundations Of Our Tomorrow Stand On The Strength Of Our Past

Fortina Investments History

Our Origins

Fortina Investments Ltd knows its humble beginnings in 1948, when brothers Maurice and Walter Zammit Tabona opened their first 40-bedroom, Tigne Court Hotel in Sliema, Malta, at a time when the local tourism sector was simply a fledgling industry. Hotel Fortina, which was the second hotel opened by the Zammit Tabona brothers in 1966.

Since then the company has grown exponentially and significantly expanded its activities to reflect the demand of the ever-evolving tourist market. Today, Fortina Investments Ltd continues to innovate its business, enabling it to sustain its position at the forefront of such a competitive sector. A family tradition which spans over three generations, Fortina Investments Ltd is the legacy of the Zammit Tabona’s pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial philosophy which has ultimately transformed the industry into the one we know today.

Official inauguration of Hotel Fortina in 1966 by the late Hon. Dr. Pawlu Borg Olivier, minister responsible for tourism in the presence of Archbishop Michael Gonzi, Maurice J. Zammit Tabona, Walter Zammit Tabona, members of the Tourism board and distinguished guests.

The Management Team

As Maurice’s three sons, Michael, Adrian and Julian, became of age they became involved in the running of the business. Maurice’s three sons today own direct and manage Fortina Investments Ltd.

One Step Ahead

It is a well recognised fact that the hospitality industry is a mercilessly competitive business. However, this competition is also the main element which eliminates mediocrity and ensures the highest quality and most customer-oriented service on offer. Fortina Investments Ltd have historically striven over the decades to remain one step ahead of their peers, continually researching market expectations, while adapting and innovating accordingly. The pioneers of the ‘all-inclusive’ hospitality concept, a first in Malta and one of the earliest in the Mediterranean, they retain to this day, a significant edge on the industry’s market share.

Fortina Investments Ltd have long since identified that diversification of their ventures ascertains not only survival in an aggressively competitive environment but is also key to long-term success. Building a substantial portfolio of companies spanning a diverse number of industry segments, including Captain Morgan Group, the pioneers of day cruises and tours; the Fortina Hotel; Ozo Group; City Sightseeing Malta and Marsamxetto Ferry has furthered the company’s expertise and knowledge to the extent that it is now leading Fortina’s massive Fortina Redevelopment Project.

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